Open Session

This session is open to anyone

Special Session


Fri, Sep 10, 20:00-20:45 Asia/Tokyo

This session is a special conference version of the JALT ZPD (Zoom for Professional Development) and will be led by JALT President and CUE member, Dawn Lucovich. The ZPD is a space to meet new people, discuss topics of mutual interest, network, share teaching tips, and find research collaborators. It is an informal session with themed breakout rooms (some facilitated, some unfacilitated). Breakout room topics will include: New to CUE (for first-time conference attendees, and new and prospective JALT members), Online Teaching, Hybrid Teaching, Face-to-Face Teaching, Technology and Teaching, Publishing, Research, Graduate Students, and more.

  • Dawn Lucovich

    Assistant Professor at The University of Nagano & President of JALT. Hosts JALT ZPD (Zoom for Professional Development), a free and informal monthly networking event for current and prospective JALT members: Her research interests are vocabulary, discourse communities, imagined communities, self-access language tables, linguistic landscapes, and leadership development.